Show Me Your Neighborhood - Echuca Victoria

Today, I will be showing you what my neighbourhood looks like. I’m so thrilled to take part and join the “Show Me Your Neighborhood” series hosted by PiriPiri Lexicon.  In this fun series, readers will get the chance to tour the neighborhood from around the world.

I live in the town called Echuca where paddle steamers are located. Our house has a very nice view of sunset everyday which I really love. My place is said to be one of the tourist destination because of the historic port and the good weather.


Here's a peek on our neighborhood.

1. A Playground / Play Area

Every park has a play area for children. It has slide, swing and others to keep the children happy and active.

2. A Local Mode of Transportation

Cars are the main mode of transportation here in Echuca. There is also a public bus roaming around the area to get you to the main street or to neighboring town or even to the city.

3. A Typical House / Building

This is a typical house in my town. Most of the houses here is earth toned with a very spacious front yard and back yard surrounded with plants as decorations.

4. A Street Nearby

This is the main street where the commercial business is located. It has different shops - clothing and apparel, takeaway shops, banks and hotel in this street.

5. A School / Nursery / Other Educational Facility

This is the Campaspe College Adult of Education. It looks like a church though but it's actually a school. I haven't been inside, only at the entrance so I have no idea what their classroom looks like.  Below is the Echuca Library. It's very spacious and cozy. 

6. A Market / Supermarket / Other Shopping Outlet

Bunnings Warehouse is hardware store. It's actually the favorite shopping place of my husband since he is a tradie. It has everything you need for your house. There is also several supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. 

I hope you enjoy the little tour from my neighborhood. What's your neighborhood look like?  
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