The Sunday Grace | Vol. 5

Sunday is a day to refuel our soul and taking time to be grateful for all the wonderful people and things we have and see each day. The Sunday Grace aims to count all the blessings we received big or small and to promote good vibes. 

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R!!!

This has been my first entry for the year 2016. I have been on a hiatus here on my blog due to recent even that takes place in my life after the holidays. I was supposed to write a look back on my year 2015 but haven’t able to do so. But anyways, I have so much to look forward and be grateful this Y2016.


Me and my husband welcome our little of bundle of joy right after New Year! This has been my reason for being MIA in my blog. I'm still recovering from giving birth and most of my time is spending with my little one and getting those precious z whenever I can (I'll share my birth story soon). To tell you honestly, up until now, I still felt surreal about everything – from giving birth to seeing and holding my baby the first time.  It was so magical. He is so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes of him. I'm so in love with him. The list of adjectives to describe how I’m feeling is endless. I guess this is what all the mother’s felt the first time they laid their eyes on their babies. I love every minute I spent with my little Sebastian. 


The Y2015 for me is all about CHANGES.  From migrating to a foreign country, adjusting and adapting to fit in and to becoming a mother are some of the major changes that happened to me for the past 12 months. It was overwhelming but I’m truly happy and grateful for all the blessings. I’m adapting well here in Australia. It was difficult and lonely the first few months but when you get the rhythm and meet some new friends everything will fall into place though I still always missed my family and friends in the Philippines. This is also the year where I truly hit rock bottom and I never thought that I would come out alive. Thank you to my family and close friends who stood by me in those times of trials. And more importantly, thank you to the good Lord who did not abandon me. My faith and love for him prevails. I still have some apprehensions though but I think I’m stronger and wiser now after such trials. Lastly, one of the most significant and much-loved changes that happened in my life is bearing another life in my womb. This has been what makes my Y2015 truly exciting. It changes my life forever and becoming a mother has been what I’m praying for and it has been answered. Thank you God big time!


My mantra for this Y2016 is “FOCUS ON THE GOOD”.  I know there are times that things doesn’t work as we expected it to be but despite that, I want to see the good in every situation. I hope and pray that this year will be a good year for everyone. I didn’t make any new year’s resolution because it’s pointless to do so when I can’t fulfil them. I abandon the idea a long time ago. However, what I will do this year is get an empty jar, fill it with notes about the good things that happen to me in the entire Y2016 (I got this idea in the social media). 

I wish everyone that each day of the Y2016 brings you little joys and simple surprises that will fill up each day with fun and surprises. Sending Good Vibes to all of you!

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