Show Me Your Neighborhood - Echuca Victoria

Today, I will be showing you what my neighbourhood looks like. I’m so thrilled to take part and join the “Show Me Your Neighborhood” series hosted by PiriPiri Lexicon.  In this fun series, readers will get the chance to tour the neighborhood from around the world.

I live in the town called Echuca where paddle steamers are located. Our house has a very nice view of sunset everyday which I really love. My place is said to be one of the tourist destination because of the historic port and the good weather.


The Sunday Grace | Vol. 5

Sunday is a day to refuel our soul and taking time to be grateful for all the wonderful people and things we have and see each day. The Sunday Grace aims to count all the blessings we received big or small and to promote good vibes. 

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R!!!