The Things I Love About Being Pregnant

It’s my final stage of pregnancy and in a few days time, I am about to hit finish line and unwrap my best present. I honestly can’t contain my excitement and anticipation for my little one. I know I have to go through a very painful labor (and I would like to believe I already set my mind about it) but the positive side of it is, I am finally be able to see and hold my little bundle of joy.  So while waiting for that inevitable moment, I would like to savor and enjoy the last days of being pregnant.  

Here are the things I love while being pregnant:

1. Growing Bump
Seeing my belly growing each week gives me that comforting feeling that he is alive and growing well. It was nice to know that each week, there’s a new development going on in his body. It was also a learning experience for the first time mum like me. 

2. Able to play the "PREGNANT" Card. 
I can get out of almost anything when I get a bump. I have reasons to be lazy at times and can get away with it.

3. No Monthly Period
Aunt Flo never comes to visit for a while.

4. I feel pampered. 
My husband spoiled me especially when it comes to my cravings. He will go out even late night for my cravings, rub my back and legs when it is painful. Make me a hot chocolate drink every morning and the list goes on.

5. I have reason to pig out 
for the simple reason I eat for two. 

6. I never feel ALONE
Most of the time I'm all by myself at home but I never feel alone because my little one is always with me. Sharing my body with him provides intimacy unmatched by any other relationships.

7. Kicks and Movement
When I first felt my baby's kick, this has been his way of telling me, "hello mummy, I'm here". Seeing my belly moves kinda feels weird but it's also gave me that blissful feeling I can't describe. 

8. Pretty Hair
I got thicker hair and I love it! They say enjoy it while it last. 

I know that while pregnancy has its pains and discomforts – i.e. morning sickness, heartburn, back pain among others however it is much more rewarding to focus on the positive.  After all, we have become very beautiful since we take part in the miracle of life.

What do you love about being pregnant?


  1. Hi Aubrey, I found your blog through the mommy blogger website. I just had a baby almost 3 months ago and it feels like it was yesterday that I went into labor. Time goes by so fast! make sure to enjoy your last few days of pregnancy, you sure are going to miss it at times, but having your baby....there's nothing that compares to that feeling :)
    I added you on pinterest and facebook from my personal profile. I would love it if you could check out my blog and connect with me on social media :)

  2. Hello there! Thank you for dropping by my blog and I apologize for taking a long to reply back. The holiday season caught up with me. Yep, I am enjoying my last days of pregnancy and I am so anticipating my baby's arrival. Everyone in the family is so excited to meet him as well. I would love to connect with you in your blog and social media. Wish you and your family a Happiest New Year! xx

  3. Ah the pregnant card, it is a great one!! xx

  4. Lucky you! Can't say I feel the same! I was sick throughout the first 2 semesters both times I was pregnant. Shudder!
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Veronica! I guess I'm lucky not to experience the morning sickness. Thank you for dropping by my blog :)