The Sunday Grace | Vol. 3

Sunday is a day to refuel our soul and taking time to be grateful for all the wonderful people and things we have and see each day. The Sunday Grace aims to count all the blessings we received big or small and to promote good vibes. 

These are the things I’m grateful for this week.

  • Another batch of hand-me-down baby stuff was given to me by a new friend I met from a common friend. I’m so touch with her generosity for my soon-to-be baby.
  • Received my freebies from the the mum-to-be-club I joined in - a gorgeous hot milk maternity underwear! 
  • I'm honored to be invited to watched the performance of my nieces on their annual dance concert - RivADance: Monsters, Myths & Legends
  • New look on my blog. I’m happy with my current design and I’m happy as well that I’m taking a leap on joining some blog communities. 
  • My last check up went well. All is good for me and baby.
  • My hubby was so nice to drive me around the neighbourhood to see some beautiful Christmas lights/decoration. I was so amazed with their effort and how gorgeous they were at night. This will be my first Christmas in Australia.
  • Vintage car. I don’t own one but it really makes me giddy to see one on the road.
  • My eldest sister is having a baby boy! 
  • Good news! Finally some of my to-do list has positive feedback already.
  • I bought a beautiful gift for my baby - a bible. I want him to grow closer to God.  
  • Woke up Blessed everyday. I realized that I may not have everything but I’m happy.

I'm already feeling some minor contractions every now and then so I decided to take a maternity leave from work. I can feel that my husband is getting excited everyday xx.

How was your week? I hope you are having a blast!

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  1. Exciting times for you Aubrey - feeling contractions and your first Australian Christmas just around the corner! I hope it all goes fabulously well for you on both counts. Nice to read all the positives from your week :) #HappyDaysLinky

    1. Hi Robyn! I can't wait for my little one to be born before Christmas Day for this will be our first Australian Christmas together. Though he's the one to decide when he wants to come out! Thank you for dropping by my blog. xx

  2. How exciting to be feeling contractions!! Hope you have had another great week. Thank you so much for joining in with #happydayslinky xx