RivADance Studio: Monsters, Myths & Legends 2015 Concert

Last Saturday, I was invited by my beautiful sister-in-law to watch the RivADance Studio: Monsters, Myths & Legends held at Echuca Paramount. The dance concert runs a two part show - afternoon & evening wherein the students showcased their performance in classical and jazz ballet.

We watched the night schedule which is a two act presentation. The show kicks off from the production number of the young adults followed by the different group of dancers in random order. Each group performances were categorized according to their class level. I honestly lost count of how many times they dance in front of the stage. The concert lasted for two (2) hours or so and in my opinion it is very exhausting not to mention they have to perform different dance routine for every dance number they have in their sleeves. Gee, It's not an easy job to remember all those dance steps! It is likely to happen that they might get confused or perhaps mix all those dance moves with the rest of their performance.  Aside from that, they have to change their costumes quickly for their next production number. Hence, I applaud these kids for doing such a great job!  Seeing them dancing on the stage, I can’t help but to reminisce the time when I was in grade school, dancing here and there in every school activities. It kinda brings back the youth in me (lakas maka-throwback).

Moving on, all the costumes and visuals they used in the concert were all beautiful. The choreography is well thought of. I had fun watching them especially the younger kids. They were so adorable and so cute. All the dancers did their best to execute their routine though I have high expectation with the seniors. I know that they gave their 100% best performance but I do hope that some of them showed the right projection or perhaps smiled more while performing. But over all they did a wonderful job! I congratulate them for all the hard work and dedication they put in their chosen passion. I'm pretty sure all their families and friends were very proud of them. At the end of the show, the kids were given special recognition and awards for their accomplishments throughout the year. Again congratulations for the success of the concert.