The Sunday Grace | Vol. 2

Sunday is a day to refuel our soul and taking time to be grateful for all the wonderful people and things we have and see each day. The Sunday Grace aims to count all the blessings we received big or small and promote good vibes. These are the things I’m thankful for the past weeks (in no particular order).

The past few weeks have been busy, not to mention I'm a bit unwell due to sore throat and stuffy nose (because of colds). But I feel better now Thank God!

  1. My last ultrasound results were out. I'm happy that everything is good. My baby weighs around 2.5kls something, my blood pressure is normal and so is his heartbeat. My GP and the midwifes assured me that these colds and sore throat will not affect my baby.
  2. Our front lawn has a huge makeover! Gone is the forest look and it really looks so much better now. Thanks to the effort of Mathew and our neighbor.
  3. Little ducklings started to come out from their eggs. They are so cute - for now!
  4. Glenn is alive! I knew that he is not dead (The Walking Dead latest episode).
  5. A good friend of mine is planning to spend her holiday with us! I hope she can make it xx fingers cross.
  6. Family and friends who keep in touch with. They inspire me and lessen my homesickness.
  7. Shopping at bargain shops. My eyes went big with the massive $ale.
  8. Slowly, I was able to do some planting for my garden project.
  9. Months has turns into days of waiting. I can't wait for my little one to arrive.
  10. Thanks to some blogs I stumble upon, I'm able to find inspiration to my frustrations in writing.

How was your week? What are the things you have been grateful for?