The Sunday Grace | Vol. 1

We have been busy working our butt on our daily job, trying to make ends meet. Sunday is a day to slow down from this multitude of things, to spend time with our love ones, to refuel our soul and taking time to be grateful for all the wonderful people and things we have and see each day.

With that being said, I am starting my “The Sunday Grace” series, listing all the things I’m thankful for the past weeks.

  1. Thank God that my husband is getting better from his flu. It worries me a lot when someone in my family is not feeling well.
  2. Yay for Layby! My sister-in-law has been so helpful, accompanying me in Big W for setting up a layby account. I'm so ready to shop for Christmas Gifts bit by bit. 
  3. Error free from Last Friday's duty at the Shop.
  4. I finally manage to pack my hospital bag for my little one. Next will be my "get go" bag. I'm a nervous wreck honestly speaking knowing my due date is approaching but on the positive note, I'm so excited to meet my baby and hold him in my arms.
  5. At long last I was able to catch up with the latest episodes of the TV Series I am following - The Walking Dead, The Arrow & The Flash. 
  6. I'm so grateful that albeit my condition, I can still get a good night sleep.
  7. I love the cuddles and I love You's from Mathew. Though we tend to be in each other's throat sometimes, at the end of the day we don't forget to express our love for each other.
  8. I can't believe my Facebook page has reached 100++ Likes from those awesome people despite not being constantly posting. Thank you peeps! mwah!
  9. I'm super grateful receiving those beautiful hands-me-down baby stuff I received from my sister-in-law Alisha, my friend Margie and Patricia for the breast pump. It is such a huge savings for us because we can focus more on the important needs of the baby.
  10. Lastly, I am very happy to know that I won in Blissful Snapshot blogger templates giveaway contest. It has been my first time to join such contest and it was a sweet victory! Thank you big time! I'll be using my new blogger template so soon! ☺
How about you? What are the things you feel thankful for?