A Reboot

Reality caught up with me for the past few months and it has been overwhelming.  From migrating and adjusting to a new life here in my new adoptive country, I admit this has taken a huge toll on my writing as I lost in my own world. As time goes by my entries become inconsistent because I felt that I lost my passion, my entries are without any direction and moreover I lack inspiration. I thought that I should stop and not force myself to write anymore because it will only be a mess. This made me think to pull the plug and bid goodbye to my old blog.

But turning back is harder than I thought. Although I haven’t been as active as the others it has been my niche in the web where I can rant and express freely. Though sometimes my writing sucks, I still able to write and express whatever I have in mind. It has become cathartic most especially whenever I’m down not to mention I become a bit more creative expressing myself. On the other hand, I learn and benefit so many things in blogging community. I also learn the art of tweaking my layout, spending time learning those css, html and photoshop just to create a space fit to my liking. And more importantly I was able to meet a few inspiring bloggers which I follow and take inspiration with.

Finally, I have come to terms with myself that blogging is not an overnight success and it is heaps of hard work. Though I cannot be as great as those other bloggers and have a little traffic in my blog (for now) but I realize what’s important is I love and like what I am doing. It brings me satisfaction and come to appreciate myself more that despite my frustrations in writing and how disastrous it can be for me sometimes, I still able to write and share my thoughts.

With that being said, I decided to do a reboot on my blog and change the title. I felt that I’m more connected with this new change. This will be a place where I will share all the things I love and inspire me and hopefully will breathe a little inspiration to you - my readers. I try to write more often (finger’s cross) and be more creative with my entries.

Happy Reading!