Emigrating to Australia: Things we included in our Partner Visa subclass 309/100

Last year I filed my partner visa application subclass 309/100 in order to migrate to my husband’s country. It took us a long time to prepare the necessary documents and more importantly saving the funds we needed for the application. After 9mos & 2wks of waiting period, I am happy to share that I finally received my visa grant notice. It was well worth the long wait. 

As my way of expressing my gratitude, I would like to share the things we included in our application. I hope through this, I was able to provide some information and insights that can be use as a guide to those who have plans of applying Partner Visa subclass 309/100. 

Here’s it goes. 

For Applicant: 
  • Filled out form 47SP 
  • Filled out form 80
  • Photocopy of passport 
  • Birth Certificate NSO authenticated (though the embassy requested me to submit again via ecensus
  • 2 Passport size photo 
  • NBI Clearance 
For Sponsor:
  • Filled out form 40SP
  • Certified Photocopy of Passport 
  • Certified Photocopy of Birth Certificate 
  • 2 Passport size photo 
  • Visa Application Payment in the form of Manager’s Cheque 
The most important and time consuming was the gathering of evidence/documents to support your claim that your relationship with your partner is genuine and continuing. Aside from the History of Relationship detailing how, when and where you first met, developed etc, you also need to provide supporting documents to four (4) categories listed by the Australian Immigration which are Financial Aspect, Nature of Household, Social Aspects and Nature of Commitment. You must satisfy them all in order for your application to be smooth sailing. 

Financial Aspect 

  1. Bank Authorization showing that I have an access on my partner’s bank account (well I guess it’s like a joint bank account)
  2. Sharing of household bill and expenses by providing copy of some receipts we incurred when we’re together  ([1 Hotel/Apartment Rent 2. Social Spending (i.e. meal receipts, movie tickets etc) 3. Household Purchase (i.e. grocery items, kitchen tools etc) )
  3. Copy of each of our own bank statement showing bank transfers and payments to some establishments relating to our relationship (i.e. Airline Tickets, Hotel Reservations)
  4. Sponsor Tax Assessment Fund

Nature of Household 

  1. Copies of correspondence addressed to us individually showing we both live at the same address – Bank correspondence 
  2. Statement of household duties

Social Aspects 

  1. Two (2) Statutory Declaration (one from my partner’s sister and one from mutual friend).
  2. A letter from my partner’s father
  3. Copies of wedding bazaar attendance confirmation
  4. Copy of Joint Travel Flight/hotel confirmation showing both our names
  5. Brief selection of photos including the first day we met, showing us in various locations, showing us with family and friends and our wedding photos. I included the date, place and a short description above each photo
  6. Copies of postal receipts from gifts, greeting cards we sent to each other

Nature of Commitment 

  1. Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate
  2. Selected print out of our chat history (yahoo, skype and viber)
  3. Screen shots of my partner’s call from my mobile phone

There you have it! It’s pretty simple as long as you provide all the things list down by the embassy. Don’t be surprised that your application will be incredulously thick. The more evidence you show to support your claim of a genuine and continuing relationship the better. Lastly, after you submitted your application, buy yourself a lot of PATIENCE because waiting can be very frustrating. Good Luck!


  • Read the Partner Migration Booklet 1. This booklet provides a complete information regarding visa you are applying and it is a very helpful guide when doing your application.
  • Keep informed of the updates and news relating to visa fee, processing time and visa requirements.
  • Certified the documents that needs to be certified.
  • Visits and join forums because it will help you on your application.
  • Lastly, please keep in mind that each application is different depending on your personal circumstances. Choose supporting documents that best represent your relationship. Use other applicants as an example only. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a migration agent nor affiliated to any migrant agency. All I posted here is purely based on my experience and some information I gather from the Australian Embassy Website and Information Centre, Forum Café and Partner Visa Booklet and Checklist. If you have questions, please check the Australian Embassy website for further information. Thank you.

How is your visa journey going? What are the things you include in your partner visa application that might be helpful for others to know about? Let me know in the comments section.