10 Things Every Girl in Her 30’s Should Know

I just turned 30 something only recently and because of that, I have made my own version list of what girl in her 30’s should know. I really like this “time of my life”, no I’m actually loving it!

I have discovered and learned so many things both good and bad and the only way to accept that you really left your 20’s is to happily welcome and embrace your being 30’s.

1. Take good care of your skin and your body.  As we age, so is our skin and our body. If you look yourself in the mirror, you will see subtle changes in your whole body. It is therefore really important to pay extra care and attention to it. Have a skin-care regimen, an exercise routine, and a plan for dealing and combat those few facets of life that don’t get better after 30. Drink lots of water and wear sunscreen and moisturiser. 

2. It is important to continue to improve your appearance. As we get older, we tend to look better simply because we’re working on improving our physical appearance. We already had accepted and come into terms with our physical look but it should not stop there. 

3. Have a positive outlook in life. The more you think of negative thoughts, the more you become a worrywart, you can never come out alive from misery and negativities and I tell you, it’s sickening and pathetic life. I know that we have our everyday struggles, problems etc… but at the end of the day, you only choose to do two things, deal with it with a positive vibe or the other way around. 

4. Take time for yourself and know what makes you truly happy. Do something for yourself everyday, something that makes you happy – be it drinking coffee, having a mini concert in the shower, reading a book, or travel alone, you should take time to figure that out and become a part of your life. It’s a necessity to keep sane, reflect and understand yourself. 

5. Be good to people you care about. Take time and spend quality time to the people you care about. Appreciate those close to you big time. They are those people who are with you even at you’re lowest. 

6. Take risks. Don’t be afraid to take risks even is scares the living crap out on you. It’s better than having regrets in the end. If you fail, get back and reset. There’s always second chances. Live your life and don’t be afraid of tearing it all down if you have to, you have the power to build it all back up again.

7.  Live in the Present. Don’t dwell too much in your past because you cannot do something about it. It happened already and what is important is now, the present and your current state. Be happy.

8. Learn to connect deeper with your spirituality. Pray, Meditate, Have faith.

9. Have a family you love. Settle down and start a family of your own. 

10. Save and invest for the future. This is the best time to start saving if you don't have one yet!