Why I Love Going to BEACH?

Summer has officially kicks in and it only means one thing – beach. I bet everyone is very eager and excited to head out to their favorite beach destination to relax, enjoy and spend the day outdoors getting soaked up in a lot of sun, sea and sand.

I love going to the beach. In fact, it is one of my favorite get away when I need to slow down from the multitude of things – waking up insanely early hours of morning, going through rush hours in the morning and at night, pounding on keyboards all day long, not to mention the tad amount of stress and pressure. I also love watching flocks of people who are as fascinated and having fun as well as meeting strangers along the way.

There are countless reasons why people love going to the beach aside from enjoying the summer time and flaunting that beach body. Just like the others, I have my own reasons too why I keep coming back to beach.

1. The beach is a perfect place to find solace and solitude. It has been my escape to the harshness of city life. It has become my temporary refuge, a haven to momentarily leave behind the routines of my urban living. The view of pristine water along with the laid back atmosphere gives me a calming feeling that soothes my soul.

2. The breathtaking view of seascape it offers. The ensembles of the sun’s glare, blue skies, white sand, picturesque view of hills and forest and the sound of the sea made me always feel that I am in paradise. Moreover, it is also an ideal subject for photography.

3. Great backdrop view for sunset. I love sunset especially sunset by the sea. I love the spectrum of colors it cast all over the place, surrounded by soothing waves and cool ocean breeze while it gives off a romantic vibe and a sense of bliss and composure.

4. A good bonding trip to family and friends as well as a romantic place to spend quality time with love ones. It is not to be sounding cheesy but I find it romantic to leisurely walk hand-in-hand with your man along the sandy shores, swim and camp out near the coast. On the other hand, it is also a great bonding time with family and friends by doing beach activities together and sharing a good laugh over silly and funny things.

5. Exploring the unknown. I’m a sucker for adventure. While commercialize beaches / resorts have been a nice getaway, what makes me even attracted going to the beach is exploring the unspoilt, secluded island that is far beyond the city limits. I like to discover new place that offers something new and unbridled leisure to anyone.

How about you? What are your reasons why you love going to the beach?