Travel Diary: BAGUIO the Second Time Around

I already started this two years ago, to visit a place every first month of new year and this time I revisited Baguio City. This is my second time in this well-known summer capital of the Philippines. But anyway, even though I am no fan of cold weather, I would always love to go back in Baguio because of it's fresh environment, lovely climate, honest taxi driver, amazing take away souvenirs, pine trees, strawberry taho, beautiful flowers to name a few.

My first trip here was way back in 2009. I was with my closest friends and now the second time around, I went with my family. It’s only a short stay though and we only visited some of the popular tourist spots like Mines View Park, Good Sheperd Convent, Botanical Garden, Burnharm Park and Strawberry Farm. It’s not pretty bad because the more important is I’m with my family.


We left Manila on a Friday night and took a Genesis Bus. Our choice is Victory Liner but apparently, there were so many passengers that time and the next available trip is 7:00am. So, we look for alternative bus trip going to Baguio and that is where we find the Genesis Bus which I think is a good choice because the entire trip is smooth and not painful in my butt.

You know when you’re stepping on the areas of Baguio if it gives you chilly breezes against your skin and it is more likely twice cold compared to the cold weather we’re experiencing in Manila. But it’s refreshing though. One of the nicest things about this place is the “fresh” environment in which, we will never experience in the city. It is one of the reasons why tourists keep coming back in this place. Accommodation is never a problem since there are so many transients and hotels to choose from at a reasonable price. We stayed in a condominium owned by Ms. Angel Del Prado, a unit in Europa Villas. The rate is Php 2,500.00/night in excess of the check-out time, additional Php150/hour. The unit is very spacious and clean. It has two rooms that can accommodate around 8-10 people, two bathrooms and a kitchen that you can cook. The owner is very kind and we did have a lovely stay in their unit.

Baguio offers a lot from their visitors, from nice scenery, a variety of flowers, history and culture, fresh fruits and veggies to various souvenirs. One will never get home without filling their bags with stuffs from this place. Why not? the price is reasonable so it's tempting to buy. ☺

There’s so much to see and visit in Baguio, but due to limited time I was not able to visit some of their must see places. I guess this makes me have reasons to come back again hopefully someday.

Here's our Accommodation Contact Info:

Europa Villas / Del Prado Unit
C/P: Ms. Angel del Prado
C/N: +639175067783