Happy Twenty-Thirteen

It’s the last day of 2012 and people all over the globe including myself are busy preparing for welcoming the New Year with full of hope and positivity. I hope this year will be the year that I am waiting for. Odd as it seems but the ending number this year which is 3 has some significance in my life. I just realize that I will be turning three on my company this January 12 (add the 1 and 2 is equals 3), turning 3 on my long distance relationship on the 21 of April (notice the date), and I am also turning 31 this year (reverse the 31, it will be number 13). Isn’t it amazing? I hope something great will happen to me this 2013! 

2012 may have been a bittersweet year for me, but it taught me how to be strong, patient and to be a better person with a positive outlook in life. It is also a year that made me to set goals for myself and improved. I’ve been blessed and I am thankful for all the blessings I received. I may experience at some point of unhappiness but I just think of it as a processed of becoming a better person.

Welcoming the 2013, I hope to be a much better version of myself. I would like to challenge myself to do some things out of my comfort zone. To become more creative and passionate with the things I love, live and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, get more sleep, time with family and more importantly work on my goals and be patient with the results.

I hope this year will be a great year for everyone.  I know it’s not easy but I hope we keep the faith and optimistic attitude. Focus on the things that matters and eliminate the negativity that brings us down.  Cheers to Happy NEW YEAR!