Lunch Date at Early Breakfast Club

I had a very nice, lovely post birthday treat from one of my sweet “Dear” friend, Thea who is a foodie adventurer. She’s actually dying to try out the delectable food in this talk about breakfast club in the metro – Early Breakfast Club.

Travel Diary: Weekend Getaway in Pagbilao, Quezon

When you grew tired and weary to the concrete jungle of Manila, a trip to a nice secluded place with a splendid view of ocean, white sand and nature is a perfect way to unwind and forget temporarily the reality of your world.

Besties Forever

These girls, Dan, Jill and Yammie are few of my closest friend way back since my college days. They were my classmates from my freshman year up to my senior year. Looking back, we unravel our college life together, facing the same dilemma on our student life up to sharing and giggling over our crushes. Life back then is just so easy. We were inseparable those days maybe because we’re classmates till the very end but the thing is, what we have is far more beyond being classmates. I did find true and real friends in them. I remember we used to write letters to one another, used to participate and perform together with the rest of our barkada (14na –a group of eccentric people who knows nothing but fun and I love them).

There is Always a Right Time

I have so many plans and goals listed in my planner and as much as I wanted to fulfill them all at once, it doesn’t work that way. Everything has to be done one step at a time. But sometimes it’s very frustrating and daunting while some of them have been accomplished already, the one that is left behind are the ones that I really wanted to be done right away. Like I’ve been doing my best to achieve it but there are outside force that’s keeping me hold-up.

Travel Diary: Staycation in Echuca, Victoria [Pt.2]

There are few tourist destinations I visited while I was in Melbourne. These are the golden city of Bendigo, the premier ski resort of Mt Buller and lastly their cosmopolitan and stylish capital city.

Travel Diary: Staycation in Echuca, Victoria [Part 1]

I just came back from my staycation in Echuca, Victoria and it was a great experience. Staying there for almost three (3) months, I had the pleasure to observe and experience their culture, their way of life, meet new friends, tour some of their tourist destination and more importantly, I’ve got to spend a reasonable time with my partner and his family as well. This has been in my bucket list for quite some time now and I was over the moon when finally, I received my notice of visa grant from the Australian Embassy.

Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes

After watching a Filipino film, my friend and I decided to eat at Banapple, located at Market! Market! Banapple is a friendly bakery café that serves freshly-baked pies, cheesecakes and desserts, as well as a good food and coffee.

I know, they are famous for the cheesecakes and pies but we tried on their pasta and pancakes. The food here was affordable, plus the serving is good for sharing.

  • Fettucine Magnifico [Php170.00]

Travel Diary: Wandering in San Jose Occidental Mindoro [Throwback]

Have it ever crossed your mind that one day you’re going to travel alone in unfamiliar place? Just the thought of it scares me, being alone and stranger to a certain place oblivious to what lies ahead but at the same time it excites me as well to wander alone and experience some things all by myself.  Though for some people, travelling alone means boring, lonely and weird.

Travel Diary: BAGUIO the Second Time Around

I already started this two years ago, to visit a place every first month of new year and this time I revisited Baguio City. This is my second time in this well-known summer capital of the Philippines. But anyway, even though I am no fan of cold weather, I would always love to go back in Baguio because of it's fresh environment, lovely climate, honest taxi driver, amazing take away souvenirs, pine trees, strawberry taho, beautiful flowers to name a few.

Happy Twenty-Thirteen

It’s the last day of 2012 and people all over the globe including myself are busy preparing for welcoming the New Year with full of hope and positivity. I hope this year will be the year that I am waiting for. Odd as it seems but the ending number this year which is 3 has some significance in my life. I just realize that I will be turning three on my company this January 12 (add the 1 and 2 is equals 3), turning 3 on my long distance relationship on the 21 of April (notice the date), and I am also turning 31 this year (reverse the 31, it will be number 13). Isn’t it amazing? I hope something great will happen to me this 2013!