Travel Diary: Taal Volcano Trekking

I thought my weekend will be a movie marathon mode but instead I found myself together with my friends driving off to Tagaytay and spend the day hiking up to Taal Crater. How a laid back weekend plan did became a high adrenaline escapade? Blame it to Gigi! While Dhang, Ms. Rose and I are quite hesitant to go equipped with our helluva of excuses to cancel the trip but too anxious to back out first, Gigi was not swayed easily and insisted to go.

Tagaytay has been the easiest refuge to those people wanting to temporarily stay away from the jungle noise of the city because it is very near and easily accessible. However, we’re not seeking refuge at that moment and we’ve been countless times in Tagaytay already. Being an adventure sucker, Ms. Rose suggested exploring the highlands of Taal Volcano.

Regarded as a smallest volcano in the world, Taal Volcano gives off a perfect picturesque view at the heart of the lake. Thus it is famous for having an island in a lake on an island in a lake. Behind that beautiful view, there are far more interesting way to admire its beauty by hiking up to see its crater. In order to do that, you have to ride on a boat to cross the lake going to the volcano and afterwards, you can either trek on your own feet or ride on a horse. The choice is yours.

We choose the latter since it’s already 12:00 noon and we don’t want to bathe under the sun and wanted to reach the summit as early as possible. Horseback riding is fun but at the same time pain in the butt. It took us 45minutes to reach the summit (with occasional stop to rest and to take a picture ->never fails! :D) and we’re greeted by the stunning view of Crater Lake. Its water is like of gleaming emerald surrounding the entire crater. It was even more breathtaking than the usual view we seen from a far.

Having seen the volcano from the distance is enthralling already but it is more rewarding to explore and discover the enigma of its beauty.

A little advise; bring sunblock, fedora or anything that will protect you from the sun. Water is essential too because of the extremely humid temperature release by the volcano.

photocredits: Ms. Rose and Dhang