Travel Diary: A Summer Escapade in Puerto Princesa

Our flight to Puerto Princesa is our post second anniversary celebration. Actually, it was my anniversary gift to my boo and at the same time our summer get away together. Truth to be told, I only plan to travel somewhere not far away from the urbans of Manila because I’m on a tight budget but apparently, a stroke of luck favored me, I was able to book an airfare at a very affordable price for two. Heaven must have listened to my silent bidding.

But the thing is I didn’t know having a low airfare has disadvantage as well. Since Air Asia flies only in Clark International airport, we have to travel by land for 3 hours and the departure time is late afternoon. Given that it is both our first time, we have to allot extra time to everything so mostly we spend our whole day on travelling and waiting. Such a waste of time.

Arriving at the City, we stayed at Casa Fuerte, a Bali inspired bed and breakfast located at the heart of Puerto Princesa, just 10 minutes away from the airport. Actually, when I saw their website in the Internet I instantly book the place because I know for sure that Matty will like it since Bali is close to his heart. The Inn has a very nice, cozy settings. It has a Japanese-inspired garden where cogon huts were place in each side, while white pebbles, handicrafts and bamboos were designed to decorate the room and foyer. They also have a restaurant to serve your gourmet palate and charmingly staff to accommodate your needs.

Our two days were filled with activities such as Island hopping, City Tour, and exploring the area ourselves. We may have experienced some misfortunes along the way, but it was rather a quality time for both of us. It was our first time ever travelling together by air so I discover a lot things from him both bad and interesting. It was both our first time doing an island hopping, swimming and enjoying the sun, and gaining knowledge at a certain city together. It was indeed one special anniversary we had. ♥