To Make It Happen

At the start of 2012, I listed 30 things I wanted to make it happen before the year ends. This list will be my goal to achieve the entire year and perhaps serves as something to look forward to my every waking day. Thus “TO MAKE IT HAPPEN” turns out to be my motto for this year. It is not actually something really big or larger than life goals but rather more of little things I need for myself though I admit I have also listed one of my long chase vision that will likely open more opportunities.

And yet, how time flies quickly and it is already third quarter of the year. I still have plenty of pending and my time is running. Like a clock ticking at the back of my mind, it never fails to remind me that I have to accomplish it notwithstanding how taxing it is. Do you know the feeling of wanting something so badly and will do anything to get it? That’s exactly how I feel. I want to expedite everything in order to get it done but it’s unlikely to happen. I know fulfilling on my goals is not something to be given to me instantly or just a snap of my fingers and it’s done. I have to work on it right? Hopefully, things turn out the way I want it. Though sometimes I feel so daunted and low but it’s not a hindrance for not trying. Let alone, leaving the idea of achieving the entire list I have.

Perhaps, my secret ingredient for keeping my drive is my perseverance and will to satisfy what I set for myself along with faith and prayer. While procrastination is inevitable but then I always put in my mind that it will never help me to make it happen.

For now, what I can do is to keep working on the necessaries of my goals so that little by little I am able to accomplish something. Right before the year ends, I hope that my cry for “TO MAKE IT HAPPEN” turns to “I DID MAKE IT HAPPEN!”  \(◦'⌣'◦)/