Travel Diary: My Little Adventure in the South: Laguna Loop [part 1]

Clockwise: [1] Pakil [2] Paete  [3] Mabitac [4] Siniloan

Towards the start of the year 2012, my relationship is already suffering from a great wave of crisis. The blows of jealousy and lack of communication hit me so hard that I went a little over crazy about it. What a splendid way of opening the New Year! I need a diversion, a place to go or perhaps something to do to keep me busy and forget for a while all my worries in my lovelife.

I decided to take an early Visita Iglesia. I know, It's only January, but I found myself wanting to visit the old churches. There is something that keeps pulling me to go and find out what it is to find out. I plan to go alone too, but since my officemate Venice wanted to come along, together we started our little adventure in the south.

Little did I know that there was this called “Laguna Loop” in Laguna. Only when I was doing my itinerary that I learn about it. Why it was a loop then?

Take notice of the map where the towns of Mabitac, Siniloan, Pakil and Paete situated. They are close to one another, forming a loop in a map. These towns can be travelled in one day. According to blogs I have read, you can either begin in Tanay Rizal via Manila East Road or take the South Luzon Express Way. Either way, it will lead you to your destination. Amazing right?

It was a day before the Sto. NiƱo celebration when we explore the towns of Laguna and do our early visita iglesia. We en route to Manila East Road since our first stop is the town of Mabitac. From Mabitac, we took some trips to the neighboring towns of Siniloan, Pakil and Paete then ended in Sta. Cruz, Laguna where we take a bus going to Manila. Whew! We travelled from East to South. Each town I went to has different stories to tell.(I have different posts in each town)

Certainly, I have uncover more than what I expect for this detour.  The trip is tiring, definitely! But it was worth it. I will tell more about the church that we visited on my next post.

      Tip : Only Raymond Transportation Bus, located in Sampaloc, Manila, is the only bus that has a direct route to Infanta, Quezon. They have trips every hour.”