Travel Diary: Visita Iglesia in Laguna Loop [part 2]

I’ve always been fascinated with the church architecture. Indeed, it has always been in my list of favorite subject for photography. Aside from that, the underlying history and foundation is a very interesting narrative and likewise you will be equally amazed how these spanish period relics have lasted through the centuries, taking the visitors back to the 1600 and 1700 era.

Travel Diary: My Little Adventure in the South: Laguna Loop [part 1]

Clockwise: [1] Pakil [2] Paete  [3] Mabitac [4] Siniloan

Towards the start of the year 2012, my relationship is already suffering from a great wave of crisis. The blows of jealousy and lack of communication hit me so hard that I went a little over crazy about it. What a splendid way of opening the New Year! I need a diversion, a place to go or perhaps something to do to keep me busy and forget for a while all my worries in my lovelife.