Steak Night @ I'm Angus

It's because it is holiday and we're too stressed on our work, we treat ourselves with our well-deserved sumptuous dinner at I'm Angus Steakhouse. We got to enjoy their mouth-watering Certified Angus Beef for Php999 promo every Wednesday. I will not get into details, let the picture speaks for itself.

Child Haus

Christmas is all about sharing your blessings whether in the form of monetary or in kind. This year, I choose to give back the blessings I have received by giving my charitable donation of time and care into the lives of those less fortunate.

Happy Tummy at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

People has been crazy about this new restaurant, Wildflour Cafe + Bakery located in ground floor of Net Lima Building beside Marajo Tower. So, being in the food industry, me and my friend went to check out this restaurant and taste some of their best seller.

 "Bahn mi" sliders (crispy pork, chilli, brioche) - Php295.00

Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet Cruise with Prestige Cruise Ship

It was supposed to be a romantic dinner buffet cruise with boyfriend but end up cruising with my good friend.  I am thinking of a way to spend our nth monthsary during his stay here and cruising crossed my mind. But unfortunately we weren’t able to use the voucher I bought since all the dates in September were fully booked. He already left and the voucher is still with me that will expire in November so I have to booked it and bring along my good friend.

A Week of 'Foie Gras"

Just recently, our company invited a representative chef from Rougie, Chef Jocelyn Deumie, to give demonstration to  some well-known hotels and culinary school on Foie gras. Pan-fried, poached, terrine are among the dishes he prepared and lucky, I got to taste some of them. I admit, my palate was never a fan of liver but Foie gras is different. It has very rich in taste. My personal favorite is the pan-fried.

Travel Diary: Taal Volcano Trekking

I thought my weekend will be a movie marathon mode but instead I found myself together with my friends driving off to Tagaytay and spend the day hiking up to Taal Crater. How a laid back weekend plan did became a high adrenaline escapade? Blame it to Gigi! While Dhang, Ms. Rose and I are quite hesitant to go equipped with our helluva of excuses to cancel the trip but too anxious to back out first, Gigi was not swayed easily and insisted to go.

To Make It Happen

At the start of 2012, I listed 30 things I wanted to make it happen before the year ends. This list will be my goal to achieve the entire year and perhaps serves as something to look forward to my every waking day. Thus “TO MAKE IT HAPPEN” turns out to be my motto for this year. It is not actually something really big or larger than life goals but rather more of little things I need for myself though I admit I have also listed one of my long chase vision that will likely open more opportunities.

Travel Diary: A Summer Escapade in Puerto Princesa

Our flight to Puerto Princesa is our post second anniversary celebration. Actually, it was my anniversary gift to my boo and at the same time our summer get away together. Truth to be told, I only plan to travel somewhere not far away from the urbans of Manila because I’m on a tight budget but apparently, a stroke of luck favored me, I was able to book an airfare at a very affordable price for two. Heaven must have listened to my silent bidding.

Travel Diary: Exploring Sagada

It was a test of strength, stamina and energy when you go and travel to Sagada Province. Not that I complained because so far, among the trips I had in the past, this is way different and most macabre, surreal and authentic experienced I had being a wandering soul. It was also fun because I have the most amazing bunch of travel buddies who were all funny and adventurous during the trip.

Travel Diary: Visita Iglesia in Laguna Loop [part 2]

I’ve always been fascinated with the church architecture. Indeed, it has always been in my list of favorite subject for photography. Aside from that, the underlying history and foundation is a very interesting narrative and likewise you will be equally amazed how these spanish period relics have lasted through the centuries, taking the visitors back to the 1600 and 1700 era.

Travel Diary: My Little Adventure in the South: Laguna Loop [part 1]

Clockwise: [1] Pakil [2] Paete  [3] Mabitac [4] Siniloan

Towards the start of the year 2012, my relationship is already suffering from a great wave of crisis. The blows of jealousy and lack of communication hit me so hard that I went a little over crazy about it. What a splendid way of opening the New Year! I need a diversion, a place to go or perhaps something to do to keep me busy and forget for a while all my worries in my lovelife.