Travel Diary: I Travel SINGAPURA

Sitting at the airport waiting area, I am patiently waiting for my boarding time while entertaining myself by reading a book. But I could not concentrate, my mind is wandering elsewhere or perhaps, my mind was consumed with the present state of my emotions. I was so nervous at the same time so excited anticipating of what awaits me once I sat foot in Singapore.

I often heard about Singapore as one of the popular travel destination next to Hong Kong. With so many international promo fares offered by different airlines, it is not surprising that many Filipinos can trip back and forth out of the country. I admit, just like the others, I longed to travel internationally someday but it never occurred to me that it would happen sooner than I expected.

It was only a brief and short visit in Singapore since it was never really my destination. It so happened that I have to meet my fiancĂ© in Bali but unfortunately there is no direct flight between Manila to Bali. Rather, I have to take Jakarta, Malaysia or Singapore. Among the three, I opt to fly first in Singapore for purposely for one thing: To grab the opportunity to explore a while in Singapore since I have a friend whom I can stay a night with before my flight to Bali. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. But of course I seek approval first if she is willing to accommodate me for a night and also be my tour guide. ☺

Flight to ESGEE

Estimated travel period is around 3 hours and 30 minutes; we’re more than thousand feet above the ground. The only thing I hate about flying is the noise that irritates my ear and the turbulence. Yeah, sometimes I do think some morbid stuff about getting a plane crash but it never really fears me. Well, I guess I am a sucker for an adventure. When the plane landed at 2:10pm, Malou is already waiting for me at the arrival area. We headed first to their apartment to put my baggage then after, went to Sentosa, an island resort which houses attractions likes Beaches, five star hotels, golf clubs and the Resort World Sentosa featuring the theme park Universal Studios. Flocks of tourist are scattered everywhere from different nation, enjoying their time while having taking pictures here and there. I was one of them, savouring my limited time I have, trying to carve every moment in my mind. 

Their airport is yet another tourist attraction.  Chiangi Airport boasted itself as one of the best airport in Asia with three terminals and a budget terminal as well. They practically have everything – excellent service, great facilities, spacious and enjoyable ambiance.  There is a free wi-fi and free computer/internet access in each every corner. I guess everything in Singapore is giving their people a nice and comfort lifestyle. Another thing is their transportation system. What truly amazed me is how they able to interconnect their train system to each places and completely eliminate the traffic. Wow, how I wish we have the same transport system like of Singapore.

Later at night, after touring the Sentosa and gathered few souvenirs shots, we dine out and feasted on the sumptuous dinner and have a few chats. I enjoyed my first day at Singapore, and having a brief knowledge of their custom and ways, I was happy that I have been able to visit here. 
I would definitely love to go back and spend much longer time in this Fine city renowned for first-class shopping and art scene. I would love to explore more of its tourist attractions that is truly hit among the tourists.

**There's now a direct flight from Manila - Bali via Cebu Pacific