Beating the Red Light

It was tremendously breathtaking experience I have earlier on my way to work today. Why? I had a few important seconds left in order to punch my time card on time. That moment, I felt like I was in a basketball game, both teams are tie and the ball advantage is in us. We have a few seconds left in order to execute our play and shoot the ball in time and win.
Going back, how I was able to find myself in such situation? Well, traffic has been my dilemma since I started working in my company in Makati. The routes going to the location is blessed with so much traffic. One advantage it has, is the proximity to the PNR station. I’d been a commuter of the train since an colleague recommended it to me. It was faster, no traffic and the fare is cheaper. More and more people discover it overtime, and as of today, it serviced more than a hundred commuters everyday. Moving on, when I reach the Bicutan station, flocks of passengers are already waiting for the 8:17 schedule. I ask a fellow commuter if the earlier train is delayed and she confirmed my guess. If that’s the case, it will be a disaster (oh men!). I can already imagine the situation once the train arrives. All passengers will push each other in order to get inside first, afraid to be left behind. It’s not new because it’s the everyday situation. Thus in my mind I device a plan to how I am able to beat those crowds and let myself inside.

But I can’t think of any. The best would be just going with the flow. After 15 minutes of waiting (by the way, I arrived at the station 8:00am), I can now here the famous sound of the train (toot…toot), signifying it is approaching. Luckily, it was not that overcrowded as I thought earlier. From Bicutan, I will have to pass to four different stations before reaching Buendia where my office is situated. Arriving first in FTI, more passengers are waiting already.  The door opens, and people start coming in violently. You can also see last minute passenger running in order to catch the trip. Everybody is settled in each place, ready to move to the next station.  But for some reason, the train is not moving. Five minutes have gone and we’re still in FTI station. Few passengers grew weary. Some starting to be annoyed, while others, you can feel their frustrations. I keep consulting my watch. It was getting longer as unexpected. We have no idea what the cause of the delay. Apparently, no announcement has been made in the end of PNR people. One girl cannot contain her irritation, she shouted at them. It was so irresponsible of lack of communication to us. We deserve to know the point of delay so that we can anticipate of what to do. After 20 minutes, there is a sign of the train getting ready to depart. Thank God. We have no problem after passing the 3 stations until we reach Pasay Road. Hurray! What would follow after Pasay Road is Buendia. Travel time is three minutes only. I now start to rejoice over my pending victory. Despite being stranded, I still have sufficient time left to reach my office. Not until the PNR management announce that there will be a delay again due to no advice of railroad clearance. Oh no, my mind speaks. I couldn’t make it. I’m going to be late for the second time. All my moment of glory died just like that and started to discourage. I can feel my success a moment ago, however, due to some circumstances, it was defeated. Checking the time, it is ten minutes before 9:00 am. My mind is debating whether to leave the train and take a jeep or to wait inside uncertain how long the delay will be. Assessing the outcome for both alternatives, I decided to wait inside. Perhaps, either way I will be late still. Finally, at 8:55am, the train starts moving. Hope arises within me. I knew I can still make it in time with proper plan and coordination. Approaching Buendia, I readied myself on my way out. This is crucial. Every movement is calculated. I made my way out fast, run to the nearest tricycle available; punch quickly my time card in Bundy clock upon reaching the office. Guess what, when I look at my time card after, it shows 9:01am. I can’t help to say “YES!” I made it in time. Glad we have a one minute grace period so it will not be considered late. I feel so triumphant; after all, my efforts have paid off. It was really beating the red light.

If you’re interested to travel thru PNR you can check their website for more information on their train schedule.

TIP: Be sure you are prepared and have the endurance to beat the chaotic crowd when you decide to ride on it. (I’m so serious, it’s an everyday scenario).


  1. That one minute grace period matters most. But its really your partner, your champion in life who carried you, temporary stops the click of minutes for not being late. HE is always with you in any angle of your life. We just have to be thankful to HIM.

    1. Thanks Ms. Rosa for the support :) I know god is with me all the time