Travel Diary: Bali, Indonesia

Bali Adventure
Bali has always been my memorable trip overseas? Why? Aside from being my first vacation trip outside the country, I was also in a romantic place with my partner. Sounds cliché but that is the truth. Aside from that, Bali is famous for their beautiful beaches, rich culture, beautiful arts and crafts and stunning scenery of forests, mountains and lakes.

Travel Diary: I Travel SINGAPURA

Sitting at the airport waiting area, I am patiently waiting for my boarding time while entertaining myself by reading a book. But I could not concentrate, my mind is wandering elsewhere or perhaps, my mind was consumed with the present state of my emotions. I was so nervous at the same time so excited anticipating of what awaits me once I sat foot in Singapore.

Beating the Red Light

It was tremendously breathtaking experience I have earlier on my way to work today. Why? I had a few important seconds left in order to punch my time card on time. That moment, I felt like I was in a basketball game, both teams are tie and the ball advantage is in us. We have a few seconds left in order to execute our play and shoot the ball in time and win.

Hello There

I'd never been good in expressing my thoughts into words. However, seeing how the world of blogging is, it's not about just words alone but rather you can express yourself in different platforms. At first, I thought my blog should be about my travel (a budding traveller here) but I realized that I cannot be like those travel bloggers who have been in the road constantly. Instead, my entries will be more about my stories, rambling thoughts, expression of passions and musings about life in general. I hope through this medium, I will able to share my thoughts, opinions and some inspiration as well as  meet new friends in this community of blogging. 

Happy Blogging!